Does your dog pull on leash?  HK Dog Training recommends the SENSE-ible harness to stop your dog from pulling on leash in a safe, painless and effective way.

From the USA, the SENSE-ible harness is one of the best front-correction harnesses available and is stocked at Pacific Pets, Dr Hugh’s Veterinary Hospital and HK Dog Training.


“I started using the SENSE-ible harness 2 months ago and found it magically stopped the embarrassing pulling and choking on the lead every time I walked my dog! Now I only have to show it to her as a reminder and she walks perfectly.  So many dogs need this and I thoroughly recommend it to my clients with headstrong dogs.”  Dr Michael Goodlet and “Kiri” (Miniature Schnauzer) Stanley Veterinary Centre

“Rosalind was doing some private training with my 2 Labradors and recommended the Sensible harness for our 1 year-old pup who is full of energy and was a real handful.  The dog cannot pull with the harness on and it causes them no pain or discomfort.  Using the harness on Flossie allowed me to walk the 2 dogs with my 2 babies and keep everyone under control!”  Annie Bennett and “Flossie” & “Matilda” (Labradors)

“A choke chain was useless as my pup didn’t care if he was choked. The Sensible harness worked humanely and immediately.”  Nick Scurlock and “Sydney” (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)