Tivo“Rosalind’s puppy classes are very informative and she delivers them with loads of patience. I was amazed at how easy the little tricks were to get my puppy to do what I wanted. I would recommend her classes to anyone starting life with a puppy.”  Jacquie Madalena and “Tivo”


“Rosalind was a great help in training our dog (Luna).  Her expert advice helped us to house-train and also teach obedience.  Not sure what we would have done without her help!”  Tory and Will Thach and “Luna”

Roxie Lee“We got Roxie when she was 3 months old and it was our first experience with a young puppy. We’re so grateful to have started on the right foot by having Rosalind in our home and teaching us tricks to help with any behavioral issues. We are now on the path to having a well-behaved dog!  Thank you so much, Rosalind!” Vanessa Lee and “Roxie”


Binky & Lady Green

“Our dogs, Lady and Binky, each had a training package of lessons and we found Rosalind’s training techniques very effective, especially the concept of positive reinforcement. We would recommend Rosalind to anyone wishing to train their dog!” Maddy Green and “Binky” & “Lady”


Molly Dithmer 2“We have an Australian Labradoodle puppy, Molly, and Rosalind has been coming to our home to train her.  Already after 3 lessons we could see a difference with Molly. Rosalind is a brilliant dog trainer who really enjoys training dogs. My family and I highly recommend her and we look forward to more training sessions with her and Molly.” Tina Dithmer and “Molly”

Navy, Seal & Scooby Jnr“Rosalind trained all three of my dogs (2 golden retrievers and 1 labradoodle) since they were 6 month old puppies. Their behavioural transformation was incredible with her training tips, they all quickly grasped the concept of obedience and are now very well behaved dogs!  I highly recommend taking private lessons at home – the dogs stay relaxed in the home environment and learn to behave quickly. Rosalind also gave invaluable tips to help with any behavioural problems at home and was able to give training tips tailored for our specific space. Doing homework is important! Thanks again Rosalind!”  Shanyan Koder and “Navy, Seal & “Scooby Junior”

“Wilson arrived as a 14 week old puppy and we were far from prepared! After realising we were out of our depth Rosalind quickly came round and after only one hour with us we were on the right track in training our pup. If you expect Rosalind to train your dog for you then forget it, she will train YOU to train your dog which is the only effective Wilson bway for you to establish yourself as your dog’s pack leader and enjoy life as the responsible owner of a well trained, balanced dog. We really liked Rosalind’s friendly, relaxed style and the way she tailored each session to suit us and address the issues or concerns we had. Highly recommend” Steve Hurst and “Wilson”

“I would highly recommend anyone considering living with a well-trained dog and looking into obedience training to contact Rosalind Cheung.”  Jason Lau and “Rex”

“THANK YOU!  We enjoyed our time with you and it is helping already!” Phoebe Barnard and “Churro”


“As two people who knew nothing about dogs three years ago, we can thank Rosalind for the wonderful success that we have had as dog owners and, as a result, the wonderful life Gambit is having.  If anyone is looking for the ideal person to help them with anything involving their canine companion, they could not ask for anyone more genuine, caring, knowledgeable or competent than Rosalind.”     Rob Yates and “Gambit”

“I thought I knew how to raise a dog but you taught me how to see things through their eyes, to understand the human world from their point of view.  I will certainly recommend you to any dog owner.” Josephine Lee and “Chloe”

“Rosalind’s training is superb!  She worked with our family and our Hong Kong mutt until we were well on our way to a happy home and well trained dog.  She is patient and kind and our puppy really responded to her and her training methods.  A big thumbs up!”  Karen Quinn and “Angel”